Pim’s passions

1.Property: I started to be passionate about property when I was 20 years old and when I started to work in a real estate agent company in Bangkok as an office admin, a year later I worked as a real estate agent. It was very challenge and I made much more money than I made as an admin and I was able to buy a brand new car when most of my friends just earned enough to get by. I worked in the company for 5 years before I gave up as the economy was not so great, banks did not approve mortgage to my clients and I felt like I have had enough of this job. After a few years of adventure I settled in Phuket and started to work in a luxury property developer, this was open my eyes and I was in a different world of property. Property in Phuket was totally different than property in Bangkok. I saw villas that costs a few million of dollar, all import furniture and beautiful architecture that I never seen before. I was dealing with foreigner clients, using my English skills and it was very challenge and fun to meet a lot of people from around the world. Every time I travel overseas I always enjoy walking and look at many property, I can spend many hours just to look at those properties.

2.New languages: I speak perfect English as the 2nd language and I’m trying to improve my Russian language skills. Russian language is fascinating and it one of the most difficult languages in the world! I went to St. Petersburg, Russia 2 times to improve the language skills. First time, in 2011 I went for 3 months in winter!! As it was too cold and so miserable I did not make much progress of the language and did not make much friend neither as nobody came in winter to study!! I returned home with just basic Russian. I went back to St.Petersburg again in 2014 but of course this time in Summer. I planed to stay for 3 months but I ended up stayed for 5 months, yes I was very much enjoy studying!! Hahaha. The truth was after 3 months in Russia I did not make much progress of studying because I was enjoying the companies, this time was so different than the first time, many people come from around the world to learn this difficult language. I met a lot of interesting people and we hang out more than we study!! However, after 2 more extra months I managed to improved the language and this time I returned home with a higher level of Russian language. Spending 5 months in St.Petersburg was the best experience of living and learning another language in my life. I used to study English in Australia for 3 months but I totally had different experience, more study than hanging out as my classmates were young Chinese and most of them were under 18 years old. That’s why my English is better than my Russian!!

3.Travel: My first oversea trip was Hong Kong when I was 24 year old. I remember very clear how excited I was when the plane was about to land and I looked down to the land and was thinking how Hong Kong would look like. My second oversea trip was Australia in 2006 after I left my job in Bangkok and decided to visit my cousin for 3 months in South Australia. Since then I have been to Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Netherland, Belgium, USA, Canada, South Africa.

4.Fashion:  I love fashion, especially Italian designers. I could spend hours just to look at all fashionistas on Instagram.